For 30+ years, Neves Auto Europe has been providing professional customer service and automotive repair services at affordable prices.

Our goal is to provide honest, reliable and affordable services to our customers in a professional and timely manner.

We perform repairs/maintenance on import & domestic vehicles, and specialize in German vehicles.  We not only perform general maintenance, but also perform preventive maintenance which helps with the performance and longevity of your vehicle.

Have your car repaired, maintained and serviced to get the most value from your vehicle!

Services include and not limited to:

Lube and Oil Changes

During this, we perform a multi-point inspection, such as and not limited to checking for worn components, leaks, tires (condition may show suspension issues), under body damage, rust issues, and grease (if equipped).

Some vehicles have sophisticated PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) Systems where oil changes/ quality of oil is a big factor in the engine’s health.  Long term neglect can result in build up within the system which can cause an issue such as and not limited to; pressure build up, insufficient lubrication, clogging, rough idle and vacuum leaks.

Preventative Maintenance;
Fluid changes are one of the most overlooked repairs performed on a vehicle! Think back when was the last time the Power steering was flushed? Brake? Transfer case? Differentials? Suspension (if equipped), air suspension reservoir draining(if equipped) these fluid flushes can stop issues later on during the vehicle’s life.

Older vehicles with injection pumps have separate oil reservoirs which are rarely changed or checked, this may cause issues such as rough idles, hard starts, hesitation, and lean mixtures.

Rusted metal lines are a very common issue in our geographical region; the winter’s break down the metal lines which overtime create a potential problem.

Coolant and Radiator Service;

Coolant should be changed during the manufactures interval. Due to coolant degrading over time,  as the ethylene glycol breaks down into primarily glycolic and formic acids, that causes a pH drop which at this point can cause harm to parts in the cooling system. Debri is also harmful when it flows through the system and  causes clogging. Heater cores also have a high rate of failure due to this and at times may be flushed, other times may cost $1000’s to replace.

The water pump ,thermostat, injection thermostat (if equipped), fan clutch thermostat(if equipped), hoses, connections, and gaskets should also be evaluated annually to keep the system from having issues.

We can also have older radiators recored if highly corroded, blocked and or leaking.

Engine Rebuilds/Repairs/Bolt on kits

Supercharged MG TD with roller rockers pictured above.

We perform full engine rebuilds which may be limited to parts, cost, and availability. As well as install bolt on kits.

Please call and confirm application and parts beforehand.


Belt and Hose Replacements

Squealing, Chirping, Fraying, Polished, Glazed, Cracking, Whirring, Rhythmic noise and Grinding can be signs of problems with your belt and or an associated part.  When replacing a belt it is recommended to check the condition of the idlers, tensioner, and associated components (i.e. alternator, water pump, power steering,etc)

Hoses must be checked annually for leaks or cracks, especially systems using plastic couplings.


Certain makes such as BMW need the battery registered to the vehicle, we can perform this task.

We also recommend using genuine batteries and if calling for a quote we must know the Cold Cranking Amps printed on the battery.  A VIN in most cases will not be sufficient enough to find the correct battery amperage, even for the dealer.

Battery/Alternator checks should be checked annually. While it may test good at one temperature it may change upon being tested at another, so generally most batteries on passenger cars will have a 5 year life span.  Yet the alternator is generally changed once it goes tests bad or operates irregularly. Once a battery/alternator becomes weak or bad it may cause issues starting, weak lights, check engine lights,  intermittent issues(ignition misfires), erratic issues,etc

Shocks / Struts /Springs/ Mounts

We service Air/Hydraulic suspensions old and new, we are capable of diagnosing,repairing and calibrating.  Be aware these components have a lifespan and should be checked annually for deteriorating performance and or leaks.

Common issues such as and not limited to are bouncing, hard thumps, leaking,excessive body roll and clicking/ clanking.  Suspensions can also be affected by worn ball joints, control arm, tie rod, wheel bearings, springs, alignments, as well as tires.  All items must be checked and replaced, if necessary, yearly.

Transmission Filters and Flushes

We recommend servicing the fluid as the factory recommends while with “Lifetime” fluid we recommend changes in consideration to time and mileage.

As time goes by fluids break down which cause wear and tear on the mechanical and electrical components. Wear and tear cause material to flow through the system which causes premature failure, shift problems, and odd behavior.

As seen in the picture this lifetime fluid at 120,000miles has changed from red to brown due to fluid/material break down and the material is attracted to the magnet which in this case created a clogged transmission filter which caused irregular shifting.  Also to note the fluid was low.


Fuel System Repair and Filter Replacement

General rule: Changing the fuel filter can cause a better vehicle performance as well as better fuel mileage, results do vary.  Also, fuel injector cleaners are not a myth, certain cleaners will help with overall performance of the injection system.

Intervals should be followed as the manufacture specifies, especially vehicles with pressure regulators attached to the filter.  Vehicles which sit for extended periods should consider changing the filter more frequent. Considering that gasoline will break down over time and at some point cause issues such as misfires, fuel pump failures, clogging, and internal engine damage. In extreme cases a gas tank may rust internally and will have to be cleaned out and re coated if the structural integrity allows.

Diesel will in fact gel, over time and if the vehicle is run with gel it may cause damage to the injection system causing expensive repairs.

Tire Rotation/Condition/Alignments

Please note some manufactures recommend you, not to rotate the tires.  This is usually AWD vehicles which have even distribution of power causing even wear, but due to road conditions and inflation/ the suspensions component conditions, a rotation may be necessary.

Proper inflation/alignment can greatly impact your tires life and MPG.

As well as tires, rims can be straighten and cracks can be repaired.

Brake Services

Brake flushes are recommended on vehicles as per manufacturer specifications.  An overlooked item however in the brake system, is brake hoses which most are made out of  multiple layers of synthetic rubber and fabric in which each layer has a different task.  Common symptoms include and not limited to: pulling to one side when braking, cracks in the hose, hose bubbles, and clogging.  As well as hoses, proper functioning brake calipers, rotors and pads can increase brake life substantially.

Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioning system are a high pressure (gas to liquid and oil) system which have multiple connection on the vehicle and over time can have a failure at one or multiple points.  Using a dye/uv light/pressure/vacuum we can detect the leak and repair the issue for recharging.